Simple Tips

Simple Tips: How to choose an evening dress on the type of shape

Choose an evening dress on the type of shape

A-silhouette. Full legs and hips, small or medium chest. The main weight is concentrated below. 

We recommend choosing evening dresses in the "Ampire" style:

  • overlaid waist; 
  • wide trapezoid skirt; 
  • many drapery on the fabric; 
  • models of evening dresses are well suitable with decorative trim in the top of the dress. 

V-Figure / Hourglass. Medium or big breasts, wide shoulders and hips, narrow waist. When choosing an evening dresses, the focus on the waist. You may be suitable: 

  • evening dresses with a belt; 
  • oblique cut; 
  • dresses with trapezoidal silhouette; 
  • evening dresses with a skirt year or with a corset.

Type of Figure S. The width of the shoulders is almost equal equal to the thighs, the middle chest, slender legs. When selecting an evening dress, focus on the legs. How to choose an evening dress for women with a type C figure? 

  • there may be evening dresses to the knees; 
  • dress shirt; 
  • dress tunic with a diagonal pattern; 
  • long necklaces and air scarves. 

D-silhouette. Narrow or lower shoulders, medium or big breasts, full high waist, full legs and hips. Task number 1 - Create an elongated and more slender silhouette: 

  • tightly tight over;
  • outlined sleeves and sleeves-bell; 
  • wide skirt at the evening dress; 
  • vertical assemblies in the center, in front and rear; 
  • avoid strongly fitting models. 

E-figure. Complete neck, wide back, big breasts, wide hips, full waist. 

  • trapezoid models of evening dresses; 
  • shirt and lush long skirt; 
  • fabrics: not brilliant jersey, chiffon, viscose. 

F-figure. Wide shoulders, wide chest, short full waist, full of straight hips, slender legs. The challenge to choose an evening dress that visually does not make a woman thicker and straight: 

  • open evening dresses with soft draper to the knee; 
  • focus on an interesting design of a hem or a neck; 
  • models with closed shoulders and sleeves.